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How Kodiak Recycles

  Kodiak Island Recyclables are carried out by Threshold Services which was formed to provide jobs, training, and social interaction for Kodiak disabled workers. View the video below for a behind the scenes look at Island recycling.

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Wild Salmon Caviar

  Recipe: Ron Doubt’s Wild Salmon Caviar Summary: Exquisite caviar in less than 2 hours Ingredients 3% Saline Rinse for Caviar 4 cups water 1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt Marinade for Wild Salmon Caviar 2 1/2 cups water 2/3 cup sake 2/3 cup soy sauce 3 tablespoons rice vinegar 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar Instructions Rinse … Continue reading »

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Springtime Treats Kodiak is still clinging to winter with just a few dandelions open on isolated warm slopes. The fiddleheads are at least 2 weeks away from poking up but I list this recipe here for the rest of you who are well into spring. Pick fiddlehead ferns while they are tightly rolled up just … Continue reading »

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Canned Wild Salmon with Lentils or in Patties

Canned Salmon with Lentil Salad In Alaska’s winter and spring, far from the fresh salmon runs of summer, I rely upon canned wild salmon for our meals. Bob Sullivan, a friend from Chicago, recommended adding ALASKAN WILD SALMON to the Best Lentil Salad ever from MY NEW ROOTS by Denmark’s Sarah Britton,  We process … Continue reading »

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Remodel Wild Salmon Kitchen (town side)

Remodel??….NO WAY! I didn’t intend to ever to go through the mess and upheaval even through I sometimes dreamed of a gas stove top and a more spirited, modern kitchen. But these dreams demanded a concrete plan when structural issues from long ago caused us to go through just such a remodel. We had hired … Continue reading »

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Big Fish, Small Neice

A 77 pound halbut almost dwarfs our 22 year old neice, 5 foot 1 inch Paulina Barker. This is a lot of fish. Only a small portion of a fish this big makes it to our table right away. Most is frozen. Once frozen, all fish becomes dryer and less moist. Making halibut patties from frozen … Continue reading »

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Masculine Gift of Bacon and Chocolate

Birthdays and other gift giving occasions are sometimes difficult at fish camp without nearby stores and shops. So my gift giving demands creativity. Add into this that the recipient is a man and it becomes almost impossible. What to give a son-in-law for his birthday? I do try to think ahead. Last spring, I found my … Continue reading »

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Trying to Eat Jellyfish, the Alaskan Way

What is there about our fish camp that leads me to experiment with all kinds of different foods, like now, as I turn my attention to jelly fish? This fish camp is centered upon the kitchen. Warm bread beckons, pot lids are lifted, cookie jar is tested. Cooking several times a day for 7 people, I utilize … Continue reading »

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Cooking with Wild Sitka Rose Petals

            This is the time of year for Rose Petal Syrup poured over Peaches, Rose Vinaigrette sprinkled on Green Salad, Candied Rose Petal garnish on ice cream, and Wild Rose Petal Jelly stored for gifts. Untamed cousin of the tea rose, my rose bushes stand wild, loose, and raggedy along … Continue reading »

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Making a Kodiak Bear Plaster Claw

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