Making a Kodiak Bear Plaster Claw

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Posted by on July 27, 2012

Going on a bear hunt....for paw impressions that is. We walk the beach toward the Dog Salmon River.

Rachel, Paolina and Heather chose a bear impression from the Great Bear Highway of mud.

Rachel, Paolina, and Heather looking along the bear path for a perfect print to cast into plaster.

Heather and Rachel mix up plaster of paris to a consistency of thick cream. Make enough to fill the impression about 2 inches thick. Any thinner and the cast may break.

Rachel pours the plaster mixture into the mud impression. Let set up about 30 minutes before lifting up gently.

Plaster cast of Kodiak Brown Bear Claw

As we retrace our steps to the cabin, bear prints show that a bear is ahead of us, walking in the same direction as we are..

Mama Bear or Beatrice watched us walk by from under the cottonwoods 50 yards away.

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  1. Tom Sawin

    I love thinking of our visit there.

  2. Tom Sawin

    I love remembering being there.

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